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Hey warriors,

Big shout out to our warriors this week Rani @fidsta77 P.E. Screen Time @PE_ScreenTime Valearnis @valearni Ray Ostrowski @CoachOstrowski Phil M @PhilMathe79 David C. Tran @pewithmrt Andrew Milne @carmelhealth Ryan Armstrong @RArmstrongPE

Thank you for all you do for our community

I would like to take the time to give a big shout out to Andy Raymond, one of, if not Australia’s premiere sports podcaster… please jump on his podcast and give it a listen

Now for our games

Taken from Mr.alfonso PE
Taken from Fitness Hustle TV

Taken from

Taken from
Taken from′

Thank you for all your support

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More great Brain Break Ideas


Hey warriors

Here’s some more great ideas for classroom PE classes and brain breaks for kids in the classroom

Awesome job my freinds

Please support them on youtrube, instagram and facebook

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More Home Based Activities


Hey Warriors,

Got some more awesome home activities i found on youtube…

Hope you enjoy

Fitness Hustle TV : Can You Guess The DISNEY Movie? Emoji Trivia Puzzle Brain Break
Kids Fitness TV :
PE with Ms Camacho follow her website :
Kid Fitness Challenge :

Four cracker activities and thank you to those creators and you should be celebrated

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AcePhysED Bottle Flipping Challenge


Home PhysEd activities .. Bottle Flipping game

Use and enjoy my friends,

Thank you very much to my supporters










Picture Taken from

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Remote Learning Activities


Hey Warriors,

American musician Ace Frehley of the group Kiss performs at the International Ampitheater, Chicago, Illinois, September 22, 1979. (Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

I have forwarded some resources for you if you happen to do remote learning

Here you go

Disco dance :

Home Exercises :

Google Slides :

Shopping bag challenge :



Shout out and legends … another great week in PE


Hey warriors … another awesome week in PE, been a big one and lots of new people i have to shout out and heaps of great activities to share.

American musician Ace Frehley of the group Kiss performs at the International Ampitheater, Chicago, Illinois, September 22, 1979. (Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

Thank you to Lachie McLellan for my podcast interview i had last Thursday which will be due for release soon, and here are the shout outs for this week

and shouts out to

Mr Mc D_does_PE :

Renee Reedhardt@ms_reedhardt

Ray Ostrowski@CoachOstrowski

Georgia Dougherty@_gmdougherty

Phil M@PhilMathe79

David C. Tran@pewithmrt


Coach Martin :
Coach Martin

Thank you and keep on Rockin


Weekly shouts and Activities… big week for PE


Again, a massive week in PE, finishing off with a great online conference run by #ChangeUP #education…

So thank you to the following people





Georgia Dougherty@_gmdougherty



Big shout out to @MrHairPhysEd for his performance at 2021 Online Conference. FREE Online #PD for all teachers #HPEatHome #Physed #PEChat #Chargedupedu

and of course some great activities off twitter and youtube

Thank you for everything you do and keep rockin and rollin


An Honour for AcePhysED


I would like to thank Andrew Milne of Slow Chat Health Phys Ed blog …

He has a monthly section on his website called ” Micro Blog” and he gives a profile to Physical education professionals to promote themselves, the knowledge and their passion for PE. What an awesome idea and i would love to thank Andrew Milne for reaching out and make sure you subscribe and follow his work

Twitter :

Website :

Biography :

Thank you again Andrew

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Warriors around the world and Activities to good to pass up


Hey Warriors,

Once again, so many people doing wonderful things around the world with Health and Physical Education

Taken from

Mr. Lau PS329Q Phys Ed@PhysicalLitera3

Mrs Murray@sharonmurray40



Daniel Tennessen@BigTennPhysEd

taken from Kid Fitness challlenge :
Taken from Coach Meger fitness
Taken from
Taken from
taken from

Thanks again warriors

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