Perpetual Motor Program


G’day Rockers and Phys Ed Warriors

AcePE here and we have been looking up information about PMP (Perpetual Motor Programs)

We have had opportunities where we needed to assess what movements younger children need to know and have the ability to perform I their younger years.

In cases we have to take into consideration

  1. The amount of time we have with the children every week
  2.  The importance of FMS and how we can get them perform these every week in their own time.
  3.  Can we as professionals maximise our time with the students and get them to utilise these in their lives

Remember the draw of distractions in life like TV and Nintendo games. This is our biggest challenge is if we can change our games and keep them simple with learning outcomes that can be as simple as ‘holding a pose / balance’ we think we can make a big difference in a child’s life.

What ever it takes, looking at changes like using famous TV characters or the latest music this will increase the chance of the children developing at a faster rate but also getting them moving as much as they can.

Check out these resources

Click to access Perceptual_Motor_Program_Curriculum.pdf

Click to access PerceptualMotorDevelopment.pdf

Click to access TeachersHandbook2014.pdf


This is a pinterest site dedicated to PMP



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