Minor Games for the active PE teacher


Hello my fellow warriors

AcePhysEd here and we have found a great site for you to access some new games or it will help your activities gain that edge when teaching.

The site is PE Plus written by Chris Lynch and Jason Maloney


Some of the games on this site are

Footy Baseball

  • Danish Rounders
  • Backboard Ball
  • Socket
  • Baseline Soccer
  • Two-Ball Soccer
  • Cone Soccer
  • Number Soccer
  • Continuous Cricket
  • Bucket Cricket
  • Run the Ring
  • Boot Baseball

Take a look and improve your knowledge

Keep on Rockin’


Creatires of the night

Pic taken from http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-XZTMp9xBsic/TfSEF31dCAI/AAAAAAAACLw/pSDzTD6ko4c/s1600/Kiss+-+Creatures+Of+The+Night+%252825th+Anniversary+Edition%2529+-+Booklet+%252810-10%2529.jpg

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