PMP programming : A simple outline


Rockers and PE warriors

One more for you

A very good outline on what a PMP program should entail

Here’s a quote from the powerpoint that just sums it up for us

Two MAIN reasons:

1. Learning Readiness influence on non-impaired children
2. Remediation influence on children requiring remedial programs for PM skills
Readiness programs are preventative programs, that is why they are so important in every school’s early grade curriculum

We get bogged down with thinking too much when the children need to explore but under our guidance. I believe in not overloading the brain too much and letting letting them just do when we explain the task and skills required.

They need to learn, yes, but they need to enjoy us as teachers and gain that student teacher trust and the rest will be history

Thank you Glen Iris Primary School in Melbourne Australia for sharing this great resource

Click to access pmp_parent_presentation.pdf

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