How DDPYoga is taking the world by storm


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I have been an advocate for DDPYoga for a while now. I have been practicing it for many years now and teach classes.

I have incorporated some of basic philosophies and teachings into what I do as an educator but also as a fitness professional

Repeat, Repeat Repeat…is what I found to be the key. You may do one lesson on a subject  but I ask you what’s the point unless you follow up. I have been using DDPYoga and a skipping routine in my classes for a year now and these are the results I found. Now just quickly I only have 45 minute classes so it’s used a warm up for no more than 5-7 minutes

  1.  The increasing the memory of the body and muscles when doing it
  2. repeating the same messages each week
  3. Encouraging the students to do it at home
  4. IN the case of DDPYoga, explaining how easy it is to do, you don’t need anything other than your knowledge to get fitter …except a skipping rope if your doing that

So I am trying to build some basic knowledge here. I just want people to be aware and what they do with it is totally up to them. Also in regards to teaching kids, it’s living it and showing it repeatedly, so they can do their best to change their mindset. Remember, even trying a push up once a day is changing your mindset. It’s one time more than what you previously done



After surgery this lady was told she would be confined to this wheelchair..she proved them wrong





After a quadruple Bi Pass, DDpyoga has been the way of life….


Check out more amazing stories here at





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Enjoy my friends and keep Rockin’ and rollin through life and remember to love it…


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