Achper Conference Debut..A big success for AcePE


Hello warriors,

First of all I would like to acknowledge all the work that our people do on our site to provide quality links and resources to the Health and Phys Ed community.

But…what makes us tick is hearing about all the great work you are doing, when you use one of ideas to make your classes better

AcePE, presented for the first time at the Victorian Achper Conference on November 23rd. Our Glitz n Glam Games session was well received and the participants saw that its not only can you see a game for what it is, but you can make simple changes to make it more engaging and fun for every students regardless of their abilities.

We would like to thank Mr.Dave Richardson, who attended our seminar and wrote us a fantastic email which stated…

“Mate, just wanted to touch base and thank you for the session at the ACHPER conference. I’ve taught my L3&4’s King of the Mountain and they love it! Every single kid was involved and smiling. Thanks again Dave”

Thank you so much Dave and its makes us so happy that what we are doing is helping others

Remember you have plenty of resources and links here, so please use them. More info out there the better for our students

Keep rockin’ and rollin’


elder kiss

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