DDPYoga…getting people fit and back into life


Hello my friends

We have lots of different fitness regimes in the world, and I state now that you must find something that you enjoy, fits into your  lifestyle and all the other things you need to stay happy.

DDPYoga, a program created by former WCW professional wrestling champion, Diamond Dallas Page and Dr.Craig Aaron (Chiropractor), has shown that simple movements and an understanding of the body physiology can assist you in gaining back your health and fitness

Its a home based program that bases its foundation on “Dynamic Resistance”, or in simple terms tensing each and every muscle throughout movements. Yes, it covers all fitness components such as breathing, strength and flexibility, but being set up as a home based program you can concentrate your energies at home.

Enough said I would like you to click this link and have a look at what DDPYoga is and stands for. Arthur Boorman was a disabled veteran who they say couldn’t walk again… have a look now. Also, a local Allie Lee from Melbourne said she wouldn’t walk again after leg surgery, guess what, with the help of DDPYoga she can….

Arthur Boorman Video

Allie Lee ; Testimonial

DDPYoga Website

Enjoy my friends


DDPyoga 1

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