Understanding FMS …. a different look at how to assess and teach the skills




Pic taken from https://www.pinterest.com.au/dianacarter66/sealed-with-a-kiss/

As Teachers, especially at a primary school level, its very important to look at the way children learn in PE. Over the years the way we throw and catch hasn’t changed, but what has changed is the manner of how we get our information across. There are KTP’s for each FMS, but are there other ways to assist the learning of younger children when forming a foundation of skills to move onto specialized skills and sports.

We are going to look at different methods, games and professional skills that may open your eyes to different ways of assessment, teaching practice and of course ways to get our children prepared for middle and upper school sports which in tail will make sure they lead an active healthy lifestyle when older.

Thank you to Dr.Helen Baert for this comprehensive look at how we teach and assess the Fundamental motor skills

FMS posters (PDF)

Enjoy my friends




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