Motor Skill Activities


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Thanks to Dominque Chiquet for this info (

Awesome resources

New Videos:

1. Balance & Reaction Games for School Age Kids 3-8 yrs old: Bounce Ball Off Bench & Motorskilllearning

2. Energetic Physical Activity for School Age Kids 5-8 yrs old: Jumping Turns and Motorskilllearning

3. Inventive Cognitive Play for Kindergarten & Preschool Age 3-7: Run The Ridge &Motorskilllearning

4. Entertaining Balance & Coordination Activity For Kindergartners:Walking Stick & Motorskilllearning

5. Creative Parkour Activity forSchool Age Kids 4-7: One Leg Race Up The Stairs & Motorskilllearning

6. Complete Fun Athletic Programs for School Age Children 3-8 yrs old andMotorskilllearning

Great games resource for children 8+


Hope you enjoy this…..



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