New Motor Skill Technique Videos


Hello my PE warrior friends

My friend Dominque has put up some new information regards motor skill development in younger ages

If you have any questions please contact via the information below

Dominique Chiquet <>

New Videos:

1. Balance & Reaction Games for School Age Kids 3-8 yrs old: Bounce Ball Off Bench & Motorskilllearning

2. Energetic Physical Activity forSchool Age Kids 5-8 yrs old: Jumping Turns and Motorskilllearning

3. Inventive Cognitive Play for Kindergarten & Preschool Age 3-7: Run The Ridge &Motorskilllearning

4. Entertaining Balance & Coordination Activity For Kindergartners:Walking Stick & Motorskilllearning

5. Creative Parkour Activity forSchool Age Kids 4-7: One Leg Race Up The Stairs & Motorskilllearning

6. Complete Fun Athletic Programs for School Age Children 3-8 yrs old andMotorskilllearning

Great games resource for children 8+




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