Points on Base Running Games


Hello warriors

Had a few questions come through regards how i teach base running games and concepts to Primary School level children. Here are some points and focus questions i have comer up with for you all to consider

Base Running

  • Key word: Safe Zone ; you are safe if you are on this base
  • Using appropriate game play to teach safe zones.
  • Any game that has some place where the child is safe will assist in the learning of this concept
  • For Grade Prep – 2 : You can move into running into a safe zone which could be up the one end of a basketball court then running back. Again, you must emphasize the words of Safe Zone
  • For grade 2-6 Modify the way we use safe zones ; Using diamonds or straight lines (Running back and forth simular to cricket) or full basketball court placing cones on each of the corners
  • Have a value of the that the cone/base is worth (eg : 1, 3, 7)
  • Modify how you score the runs : Do you have to run and stay safe on the base or do you have to run back to home to score the runs. This will assist in inclusion of children of all levels and also will add the thinking element and game awareness to the learning outcomes.
  • Grade 5 -6 : I teach strategies of base running games but again to re teach concepts of base running I use these modifications then move into the specialised sports such as rounders and cricket.
  • I refer to other concepts of the game I am playing so they can understand the importance and relevance of base running


Focus Questions

  • If you are on the batting team what strategy did you use to score runs. Did you maximise the amount of runners in scoring positions from 1 to 3? Was there any other strategies you were using to score
  • If you are allowed to stay on a base what are you looking for when you are running to that base.
  • Another base running game with a twist? Tell me as a batter what was your plan to score
  • Did you talk through as a team where to throw the ball? If so why am I asking this question?
  • Varied skills in Cricket are used. Did you find you excelled in one of the skills, either fielding, bowling or batting
  • What are some of the key skills you need to successfully complete a batting strike in cricket. Eg : tracking the ball
  • Did you notice it was harder to catch a ball that was heavier or travelling quicker. Why is that?

I hope this helps in your understanding and teaching of base running.

Keep Rockin’ and Rollin’

Ace PE

ace and paul 1975

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