Isolation and PE… More Games and Activities


Hey Warriors,

I have found some more activities that you can use in your preparation for remote learning…

I want to specifically say that i havent recieved the source of these activities, that is why they are here. There are links to Youtube clips, which some i have already put on this page.

If anyone does have any reference i can put up to assist, please send me a email at

So here we go

Fidget spinner board 

Develop your own newspaper

Fitness at home bottle flipping challenge

Fitness Monopoly

World Fitness Challenge

Bike education

Personal Safety in the Community Beach and Water


The next lot of resources include just some basic dance instructional videos. All the links are available on the lesson plan… again enjoy

Dance and song

Just Dance Nursey Rhymes


Hope this helps in these trying times. Stay safe and enjoy my friends



Taken from



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