AFL (Aussie Rules Football) Remote Learning Resources


Hi Warriors,

For all my international friends, these resources are specialised for Australian Rules Football. There are different activities which include classroom cross curriculum activities. These include numeracy and literacy.

In Australia, we have a day called Footy Colours Day : Fight for cancer…

Fight for Cancer : Footy Colours day

Take a look and enjoy these resources


Taken from

primary-learning-activity-1- AFL

primary-learning-activity-2- AFL


primary-learning-activity-4- AFL

primary-learning-activity-5- AFL

primary-learning-activity-6- AFL

primary-learning-activity-7- AFL

primary-learning-activity-8- AFL

primary-learning-activity-9- AFL

primary-learning-activity-10- AFL

primary-learning-activity-11- AFL

primary-learning-activity-12- AFL

primary-learning-activity-13- AFL

primary-learning-activity-14- AFL

primary-learning-activity-15- AFL

primary-learning-activity-16- AFL


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