Weekly Tweets and New Warriors

[Photo by Tilly Antoine via Wikipedia Commons]

Welcome to another awesome week in Physical Education… Again warriors we have found some brilliant tweets from people on twitter sharing their ideas and lessons for all of us…

Thank you to our new followers

Bring it on Sports@BringitonSports

James Cruise : https://twitter.com/HolisticOrganic

Mr. Pope@MrPopePE

Dan Vigliatore@PhysEdDynasty

Mr. Marius Pop@Marius_PE76

Derek Blyzwick@PeBlyz99

Mr Mc D_does_PE@NickMcDermott11

Silver Lane PE@SilverLanePE

Mark Titheradge@MindBodySoulNRG

š‚š”š«š¢š¬š­šØš©š”šžš« š‡ššš«š«š¢š¬ @Principal_H

megaera regan@MegaeraR

Thank you to those people and i hope we can collaborate more in the Future

Enjoy AcePhysEd

Thank you Coach Martin

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