New Week, thank yous and Great resources


Had a brilliant Professional Learning session with ACHPER Victoria yesterday. Speaking all things FMS and application of assessment within the primary school setting.

Learnt alot of new games and the most importantly, the way to breakdown assessment and assess a student in particular motor skills. I know I personally was doing this, but again another level was taken and I appreciate that as it can only be better for all the students I engage each day.

Thank you to Dr.Bernie Holland, Dr.Trent Brown and the staff of ACHPER Vic for an awesome day

So onto our shout outs and new activities we found this week…

Taken from​​​
Don’t forget to like the video and check out​ for more fitness games!
Taken from
Mr. Garrison’s PE Class

and now some big shout outs to some of our PE warriors making a difference in the world and helping our students become the best they can be

Patrick Hughes@CoachPat1984

Sarah Rodriguez@SNRodriguez_PE

Mr Tangert@MrTangertPE

Mark Blundell@MRBlundellPE

Miss Alyssa C PE@vco97047


Keep Rockin and Rollin’


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