New AcePhysED Warriors and activities


Once again another week down in Phys Ed., so here are the shout outs and activities that I found and have used… awesome awesome thank you warriors

Ben Parillo : Coach Pirillo@CoachPirillo

Shout outs for today

Carl Meister@Mr_MeisterPEMagdalene


Craig Kemp@mrkempnz

Kim Catalfamo@adaptpekim

Rob Pohlner@ForestLakesPE

š•ƒ š• š•„š•”š•ƒš•–š•š•š•’š•Ÿ@All_thingsPE

Rose Newman@PS118PE

and here are some great tweets and new games

Taken from SB Phys.Edu.on youtube :

Taken from Matthew Wood : “This Is The Way” Baby Yoda Grogu Fitness – A Virtual PE Workout and Star Wars Brain Break Activity
Taken from the Flaghouse activity Channel :
Taken from Joey Abella Piodena :
Taken from
Information for this game and taken from Joey Feith

http://www.thephysicaleducator.comā€‹ Ghostbusters (Full Rules):…ā€‹ The Emotions Toolbox Teacher Pack (Download):…ā€‹ The Resolving Conflicts Poster (Download):…ā€‹ View more Physical Education Chasing & Fleeing Games at…

Keep rockin’ and see you next week


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