AcePhysEd Glitz n’ Glam Games Extra Resources


Sample Learning Intentions and Success Criteria points for AcePhysED Glitz n’ Glam Games Book®

In this document is a sample of some ideas of criteria statements you can use within your planning. Now you have to remember that everyone has different units to teach at different times, so please bare this in mind. The other thing is this document is for you to have an idea of what areas to cover when applying one of the games in this book, so remember that you may want to use one of the games for a different units or specialised sports.

Lets get started…..

The Cartoon Family Game

Learning Intention : To learn and apply the KTP’s of the FMS of the Run

Success Criteria : I can move my arms in alternately to my legs when completing the run within an the specialised activity.

Fools Gold / Compass Game / Warriors, Kings and Horses

Learning Intention : To learn how to apply instructions given by the teacher within a Physical Education classes

Success Criteria : I can listen to the teacher and carry out my interpretation of the instruction given


Learning Intention : To learn how to apply the KTP’s of a nominated locomotor skill (skip, run or gallop)

Success Criteria : eg : I can step toe to hell when performing the gallop within a game

The Plague

Learning Intention : To learn about game strategies within invasion and team sports

Success Criteria : I can clearly speak about offence and winning strategies to my team mates and fellow students during a team game

Messy Neighbours / Trash Compactor & Battleships

Learning Intention : To learn and apply the FMS’s KTP’s of the Throw

Success Criteria : I can stand on the side in a T stance in preparation stage of the throw

Let me in

Learning Intention : To learn and understand the importance of decision making within different sports and activities

Success Criteria : I can understand when to make a decision that helps my team

Cyclone City Soccer

Learning Intention : To learn the skills of the FMS of the kick and apply it specialised games

Success Criteria : I can place my foot next to the ball in preparation for the kicking phase