AcePhysEd Remote Learning and Home Exercise Series


Hello Warriors

Welcome to AcePE resource webpage. I am so glad you took the time to take a look at our website. It’s been 9 years since we started putting resources on the internet and we are so proud of just being directly involved with the education of our children and our professional health and fitness educators.

We have so many great resources that are being written at the moment including

AcePysEd Ultimate Games Manual Volume 1 ; The book that puts the Glitz n Glam back into games. This book is a compilation of the best Ace PE Glitz n Glam games which have the following

  • Game Name and Descriptions
  • All relevant information including equipment needed and area required to carry out your game
  • Modifications needed to progress the game to a higher level
  • When to use the game
  • The skills that the students will learn when playing
  • Which sports does the game lead onto
  • Focus Questions

This should be available soon but we here at AcePE would like you to sample some of our work

AcePhysEd Home Exercise Series feat. DDPY

We are very proud to have put together some basic exercises that all can do at home. You can be at any fitness level, but you must always remember to take that first step and of course make sure that you don’t have any injuries or restrictions that could hinder your performance. Take a look and click on the link down below

PE Google Slides

Introductory and Warm up Games, Activities and Ideas

We hope that you enjoy our book and please let others know to come to our website, download the book and also have a look at some of our other resources that we have available for you all

Please down load the three files below and enjoy them…

This comes with three parts

  1. The outline of all the games and some relevant information on why we have come up with the book and how to use it effectively
  2. Game Cards that any educator or fitness professional can have on board when teaching
  3. A sample document with 8 “Glitz n Glam” Games for you to use in your classroom



You can also download our primary school resource which as quick start games including smaller tabloids and memory cards, traffic and road rules and fitness games

Magic hat and Road rules info cards

Road Rule and Meanings cards

Space Activity Cards Mega Mind says

Space Magic Hat activity

Quick Ideas with cover sheet

Thank you so much, we are so excited about this and remember to keep on Rockin’ n Rollin’ through life and enjoy every second you have here