Adapted Physical Activity Resources


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Hello my fellow warriors

We at AcePE are always looking for resources in regards working with students with a disability. All of us have had experience in running programs and conducting event days which have enhanced our understanding of how students who are challenged learn but also for us as professional educators we believe that we gain more to give that extra expertise when needed.

Enjoy this resource as we have found it very helpful

Adapted Physical Activities Resource file


Teaching the game of Golf at schools


Hello fellow warriors

We have had some questions about teaching Golf at school.

It’s a great game and a lot of people play it but we have found that a lot of younger people are taking up the game so why not expose them to some quality basic teachings

Here is the link to the PDF

Golf Lessons

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Superhero Training : Phys Ed Style


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Very excited about finding this article as I have taken the Superhero theme to my grade 1’s and Preps this year with great success

Teaching the basic Fundamental motor skills like leaping, jumping,running and dodging¬† and also incorporating so fitness components and exercises(and they don’t even know it). More exciting we are teaching special awareness as well, they must be aware of what they are doing and moving. Gaining body awareness like crawling has also been introduced. I love superheroes so you can just imagine what fun I am having.

There are some exercises that aren’t appropriate of course but as teachers and professionals we compromise

Link : Train like a superhero

Pinterest Superhero Training

Enjoy my friends



Physical Education Primary School Resources


Hello warriors

AcePE here with some more great resource links for you to find new games and ideas to assist you in your lesson planning

 PE Games (primary based) : /

PE games and Activities Board :

I found these really heplful but also they assisted with my ideas i already have. I find we have alot of knowledge as eduactors but to get the spark to make another game fantastic, we always have to be open to listening and watching for new information.

My newest games always come off the back of a simple idea or simple words

Keep on Rockin’ my friends


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