Classroom Management Strategies


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We have had requests from our supporters to find some useful websites that have researched based articles and information on how to management your classroom and some strategies to assist.

We will endevour to make a page dedicated to this topic but here are some to start with.

If you click on these they will take you to websites and PDF’s with all relevant information

Behaviour Management strategies

Classroom Behaviour Strategies

Kids Matter : promoting positive behaviour

Classroom Management Strategies : Edutopia

Intervention Centre : Classroom management

Victorian Education Dept : Classroom Bullying

Bill Rogers : Top 10 Management Tips

Welsh Govt : Practical Classroom Management

Managing Disruptive Behaviour : A fact and evidence based study

Positive Classroom Management


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Physical Education Games for Large Groups


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We all have the situation at some stage where we have more than 50 kids that we must entertain and educate …at once

So I have sourced some games that you can use. This could be the most challenging situation you may encounter…

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PE Games for Large Groups


Bad eating habits fact sheets and you tube clips




We have decided to not only talk about Healthy eating but they need to know the facts about bad eating, what is it going to do to them

Here’s some fact sheets found and some you tube clips that you can use

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Bad eating Habits Youtube Clips


38 Interesting Facts About junk food

Fast food Facts

Safety in Your Community


Hello Phys Ed and health warriors

We have had a focus on how to be safe in your community. Looking at simple things like knowing basic road rules and dialling emergency services for example

Here are some resources you can use to help you out

Safety in the Community new

Personal Safety

personal Safety Plan




Safety in the Community

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New Teaching Resource


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I have some across a resource to help with your planning of your health and PE classes. this will also give you something to work with when looking at planning assessment tasks and reviewing skills taught throughout the year

R-10 PE and Health Teaching Resource

Please make sure you read through this document as it has a fair bit of information but it does break down teaching outcomes

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Adapted Physical Activity Resources


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We at AcePE are always looking for resources in regards working with students with a disability. All of us have had experience in running programs and conducting event days which have enhanced our understanding of how students who are challenged learn but also for us as professional educators we believe that we gain more to give that extra expertise when needed.

Enjoy this resource as we have found it very helpful

Adapted Physical Activities Resource file