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Here’s some links that I have found on youtube that have some games that you may want to use

I have also included some PDF files with games and activities

Happy Christmas to you all and keep on rockin’ & rollin’ and thank you for a great year

Ace PE

PDF’s have the reference attached





20 Lesson plans with lesson intention








DDPYoga…getting people fit and back into life


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We have lots of different fitness regimes in the world, and I state now that you must find something that you enjoy, fits into your  lifestyle and all the other things you need to stay happy.

DDPYoga, a program created by former WCW professional wrestling champion, Diamond Dallas Page and Dr.Craig Aaron (Chiropractor), has shown that simple movements and an understanding of the body physiology can assist you in gaining back your health and fitness

Its a home based program that bases its foundation on “Dynamic Resistance”, or in simple terms tensing each and every muscle throughout movements. Yes, it covers all fitness components such as breathing, strength and flexibility, but being set up as a home based program you can concentrate your energies at home.

Enough said I would like you to click this link and have a look at what DDPYoga is and stands for. Arthur Boorman was a disabled veteran who they say couldn’t walk again… have a look now. Also, a local Allie Lee from Melbourne said she wouldn’t walk again after leg surgery, guess what, with the help of DDPYoga she can….

Arthur Boorman Video

Allie Lee ; Testimonial

DDPYoga Website

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New resources..more great information for us all


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Below are some links and downloads that you can use for you PE classes. They cover many different topics. The websites and references are stated so you can go to that site and find out more about them.

Daily Physical Actvity


Found in


Minor Games



Lead up Games for Different Sports



Various Games and Ideas on Pinterest


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Achper Conference Debut..A big success for AcePE


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First of all I would like to acknowledge all the work that our people do on our site to provide quality links and resources to the Health and Phys Ed community.

But…what makes us tick is hearing about all the great work you are doing, when you use one of ideas to make your classes better

AcePE, presented for the first time at the Victorian Achper Conference on November 23rd. Our Glitz n Glam Games session was well received and the participants saw that its not only can you see a game for what it is, but you can make simple changes to make it more engaging and fun for every students regardless of their abilities.

We would like to thank Mr.Dave Richardson, who attended our seminar and wrote us a fantastic email which stated…

“Mate, just wanted to touch base and thank you for the session at the ACHPER conference. I’ve taught my L3&4’s King of the Mountain and they love it! Every single kid was involved and smiling. Thanks again Dave”

Thank you so much Dave and its makes us so happy that what we are doing is helping others

Remember you have plenty of resources and links here, so please use them. More info out there the better for our students

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Ms.Phyisical Education


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Just sharing another collegue’s website. Heaps of great resources and information

Ms.Phyiscal Education Website

Fantastic website with links to presentations, Resources and ideas and a blog.

Please visit and share this with your friends.

Keep up the great work warriors


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Andy Hair ; putting the fun back into teaching cricket


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I attended a great seminar at the ACHPER 2017 conference this week with Mr.Andy Hair @MrHairPhysed, Sophie Crockett @sophcroc , from Cricket Victoria  Aaron Gardiner @azzalanche

The activities and the learning intentions they shared in regards the game of cricket were nothing short of superb. Full interaction and engagement of the students in your classes

Please follow my friends very worth while…….

Mr Hair Website Page

Mr Hair Facebook Page

Cricket Victoria


Have an awesome day my friends


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