Research Articles : Nutritional Science


Ace Frehley screen shot

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Article 1 : Heart Health

Heart Foundation : Dietary fats, dietary cholesterol and heart health

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Article 2 : Protein Synthesis

Timing and distribution of protein ingestion during
prolonged recovery from resistance exercise alters
myofibrillar protein synthesis

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Protein synthesis article

Article 3 :Protein synthesis and Recovery

Effect of a proprietary protein supplement on recovery indices
following resistance exercise in strength/power athletes

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effect of protein supplementation on on recovery following resistance exercise

Article 4 ; Increased p70s6k phosphorylation during intake of a protein–carbohydrate drink following resistance exercise in the fasted state

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effects of resistance traning in a fasted state


Articles 5-8 Nutrition Science and Resistance Training

Article 5 taken from

1 effects of fasting before resistance training

Article 6 taken from

2 effects of fasting on resistance training

Article 7 taken from

3 effects of resistance exercsie on protein synthesis

Article 8 taken from

4 effects of resistance traning in a fasted state


Article 9 & 10 Muscle Glycogen fasting and stores

Article 9 taken from

muscle glycogen stores depleted

Article 10 taken from

muscle gylcogen levels after fasting


Article 11 Muscle Protein Turnover 

Article 11 taken from

muscle protein turnover


Article 12 : Nutrition for Sports Performance

Tapering for Triathalon :

Nutrition for sports performance


Article 13 : The art of “Tapering” and the effects of Nutrition upon this process…/tapering_for_triathlon_competition

Nutrition for sports performnace article

Article 14 & 15 Protein intake recommended for Athletes

recommendations of nutrient intake of athletes

Article 14 :

recommended protein intake for athletes

Article 15 taken from



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