New Game : Paparazzi


Hey warriors

AcePE here, got a new game for you… here’s the outline

Students will get into one of the following

Groups of 4 – 6


\•Team of 2

Each student will pick up a picture card

This will be pose they will do

“4 Horsemen Rules”

Use a dice or a coin and teacher will be the flipper

Students will have to nominateGroups of 4-6, each child gets a number

In Pairs : one person is Heads the other is Tails

Students is groups will work as a team

They will have to remember their picture card pose

When game commences, The students will have to remember their pose and tell their friends when their number comes up or Heads or Tails are drawn

Teacher will determine how long they hold the pose, 20 seconds is reasonable.

You can also use music and the children hold the pose for a duration of music.

Enjoy my friends

New resources


Hello warriors

I have found a great resource that has a lot of similar content to what we have …

There are a lot of different resources and in their front page … heaps of links and descriptions

Brilliant so that you PE Specialist

Awesome and thank you


Mr Phys Ed Games Channel


Hey warriors

I have found this channel before but its such a fantastic resource of games and information i had to share again.

I have included the link to the site but also some of the playlists that i have found useful

Please share and make it known how good this channel is

Thanks and remember to keep rockin’ and rollin’


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