Prime Coaching on YouTube


Hey Warriors

Just found an awesome YouTube site with some magnificent games

Go check out Prime Coaching

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Thank you to you all…..

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Merry Xmas and Tweets of the Week


Hello my friends

I want to say a big Merry Xmas to all the PE and Health Warriors. It has been a tough year but from what I have seen in the PE community have stepped up and made learning at home fun. In 2021 I hope that we as a community can continue the good work and we always make sure we Rock n Roll , Strut n Stroll and Slam n Jam into the new year


Barb Borden … a PE warrior and AcePE supporter


Hey warriors, welcome Barb to our supporters page…

She has some awesome ideas to use in PE classes and such a nice person too..

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Contact her here

Twitter @BarbaraBorden9


YouTube channel:

Awesome Warriors


Mr Phys Ed Games Channel


Hey warriors

I have found this channel before but its such a fantastic resource of games and information i had to share again.

I have included the link to the site but also some of the playlists that i have found useful

Please share and make it known how good this channel is

Thanks and remember to keep rockin’ and rollin’


Social Distancing games
Low organised games
Tag games
Dodgeball games
Phys Ed Games

AFL (Aussie Rules Football) Remote Learning Resources


Hi Warriors,

For all my international friends, these resources are specialised for Australian Rules Football. There are different activities which include classroom cross curriculum activities. These include numeracy and literacy.

In Australia, we have a day called Footy Colours Day : Fight for cancer…

Fight for Cancer : Footy Colours day

Take a look and enjoy these resources


Taken from

primary-learning-activity-1- AFL

primary-learning-activity-2- AFL


primary-learning-activity-4- AFL

primary-learning-activity-5- AFL

primary-learning-activity-6- AFL

primary-learning-activity-7- AFL

primary-learning-activity-8- AFL

primary-learning-activity-9- AFL

primary-learning-activity-10- AFL

primary-learning-activity-11- AFL

primary-learning-activity-12- AFL

primary-learning-activity-13- AFL

primary-learning-activity-14- AFL

primary-learning-activity-15- AFL

primary-learning-activity-16- AFL


Wayne Schultz … PE Home Learning Options


kiss 1

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G’day Warriors

Another great colleague of ours, who is PE guru. He has done so much in the field including his work with Cricket Australia, developing programs and being a senior consultant on many projects.

His knowledge and passion for Health and Physical Education is something that must shared and i hope all of you jump on board and use some of his great activities



Click on the link :Β Wayne Schultz PE


More Home Resources…Moovosity


Hello PE warriors

I received some great resources from an Australian company today that will hopefully help you through this time of Remote Learning.

For more information contact Scott Jensen

Take care and be safe


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Google slides… isolation gems


Hello my friends

Its been a challenging time with isolation in regards to PE. A colleague of mine had the idea to use google slides to help with the presentation of your lessons. I have used a lot of great you tube links that have helped with my lessons. The kids can click on the pictures and choose an activity and the best thing, its fun because they don’t know whats coming.

Here is the video that i used to learn how to use Google slides


The example below is the outcome

PE week 5 Bike Safety 2020 Grade 1

PE week 5 Bike Safety 2020 Grade 1

Hope you enjoy this option…

Stay safe and best wishes to your families





Site found :


Home Based Activities on You Tube…


Kiss pic

Kiss – Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Eric Carr – talking to camera and doing MTV promo – “I want my MTV!”

Hello my friends

More resources keep coming up….

Hope you enjoy