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Here are some Research articles that may help you through. We have found that trying to keep things simple for people to understand the concepts are the best way to approach learning. If you can understand the foundation you will surely be able to help yourself through with the more advanced concepts

Bio mechanical comparison between Step Kick and Kick on the Run

Article 1
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Article 2 final reference list

Article 2
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Article 3 final reference list

Article 3
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Article 1 reference list

Article 4
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kicking analysis 6

Article 5
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Sample Paper

Final Comparison of kicking angles

Article 6

Leg Length discrepancy : Burke Gurney

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Discrepancia de Membros

Article 7

Gait and Posture : Noel Lythgo

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Gait and symmetry measures for primary school aged children and young adults. II Walking at slow, free and fast speed

Force and Momentum : Articles and YouTube information sites

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  5. How cast sports fitness.(2013).
  6. MickeySOF,.(2014)Derrys strongest Man Tug of War. 
  7. Montana State University.(1998).
  8. Physics for kids.(2014).
  10. The Physics classroom.(2014).





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