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Hello my fellow Phys Ed warriors

We have been through a lot with our training top become what we are today. One part of this was writing endless amount of lesson plans

Yes they are a necessity and again we look back on them and say “..lots of work but it made us the great teachers and professionals we are today”

So we are making a page dedicated to some of our personal work to share with the community

Yes some of these are in just basic word document format with very minimal effects added. WE have specifically done that at this time to make it easier for people to done load and edit.

In the near future we will be updating all the documents featured here, with brand new ones which will have colours, fonts and pictures where appropriate.

In regards to referencing
1. Please credit the lesson plans to “AcePE”, but also be aware there are separate references within the lesson plans
2. Articles : Credit the author. ACE Pe holds no right to disclose that they wrote any any of the articles shared on this site. If we do it will be stated clearly.

Its the right thing to do

Thank you and Enjoy

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The Aussie Educator : Resources, References, Websites and Educational tools

Australian Rules Football

Week 1 afl lesson Plan handballing

Week 2 Kicking afl program

Week 3 marking afl program

AFL Football Program lesson 4 bouncing and marking revision

AFL Football Program lesson 5

Recommended Resources for AFL and references where the above resources were taken







AFl Coaching Manual 2013







Australian Rules Football

Note all resources taken from the following websites


Alcohol and Drugs in Society / Relationships and Sex Education

Note : there are worksheets that accompany these powerpoints. These sources are referenced in the powerpoints, so the books will have to be bought or personally sourced when needed.

Lesson 4 Risky Decisions and behaviours while under the influence

Why do People Drink Health lecture number 3

Year 8 Health lesson 2 blood alcohol and drinks

Year 8 Health powerpoint lesson 1

Alcohol worksheet lesson 4

Lesson 3 Relationships and Sexual Health

Relationships lesson 4 Same sex attracted

Sex and Pregnancy


Netball passiing in game play activities

Netball Lesson Plan Offence strategies

Netball Positions and practice

Netball lesson plan positions lesson 1

Recommended Netball Resources :


Netball practical exam support booklet PDF

Netball Shooting Technique information sheet

Swimming and Aquatics

Aquatics new lesson 1

References for aquatics

Lesson plan 2 aquatics

Recommended Resources for Swimming and Aquatic Education

ACARA.(2013). Revised Health and Physical Education Curriculum : Foundation to Year 10 [Electronic Version].

Australian Water Safety Council. (2013). Water Safety. Retrieved from

Austswim.(2008).Teaching Swimming and Water Safety : The Australian Way ; 2nd Edition. Sydney : Elservier Australia.

Austswim.(2013). Teacher of Swimming and water safety. Retrieved from

Department of Education: Western Australia.,(2006).The swimming Instructor Guidelines and Handbook. Retrieved from…id…stream

FFit Cowry.(2012). School Water safety and Resources. Retrieved from

Haufler,S.,(2013).Teaching Freestyle : basic progressions through advanced drills. Retrieved, from

NSW Royal Lifesaving. (2013. Families. Retrieved from

Royal Lifesaving Australia. (2013). Swim and Survive. Retrieved from

Stoddard, S.,(2013). Teaching Backstroke. Retrieved from

Swim Smooth.(2013).Intermediate Swimming level. Retrieved from

Victorian State Government.(2013). Water Safety : Play it safe by the water. Retrieved from

FMS: Throw and Catch

Intro activity Throw and Catch

Year 7 FMS Throw and catch

FMS Throw and Catch Year 7

FMS: Kick

FMS KIck Application Year 7

Prep Kicking

FMS Kick Grade 1

FMS : Strike

grade 1 striking

Year 7 two handed strike lesson 1

Volleyball SEPEP and lesson plans

Level 6- SEPEP Volleyball Unit (Team Sport)

Drugs in Society

Drugs in society example rubric


Badminton Lesson Year 9

Badminton Session 2

Badminton Serving Rules

Badminton new lesson proforma

Recommended References for Badminton

Breed, R., Spittle,M. (2011).“Net/Wall games”. Developing game sense through tactical learning.(1st ed., pp 250-258). Melbourne : Cambridge University Press

Rugby League

Rugby league game play, skill application and rules Lesson 3 year 9

Rugby Lesson 2 Year 9

Recommended Resources for Rugby League

Dance and Movement to Music

All resources are credited on the lesson plans below

Grade Prep week 1 Term 2

Grade Prep week 2 Term 2

Grade Prep week 3 Term 2

Prep week 4 Term 2

Grade 1 week 1 Term 2

Grade 1 week 2 Term 2

Grade 1 week 4 Term 2

Grade 2 week 1 Term 2

Grade 2 week 2 Term 2

Grade 1 week 3 Term 2

Grade 2 week 3 term 2

Grade 2 week 4 Term 2

Grade 1 week 5 Term 2

Grade 1 week 8 Term 2

Week 6 Music grade 1

Week 7 Grade 1 Music Term 2

Grade 1 week 5 Term 2

Grade Prep week 8 Term 2

Prep week 5 Term 2

Prep Term 2 Lesson 5- Kitchen Band


Lesson 3 Soccer Grade 5

Lesson 3 Soccer Grade 5

Recommended Resources for Soccer

Soccer drills.(2013). Soccer dribbling, passing and shooting. Retrieved from


lesson 8 grade 4 cricket batting

lesson 13 bowling cricket grade 4

Recommended Resources for Cricket

Cricket NSW. (2013). Cricket Coaching: A Resource for the Classroom Teacher. Retrieved from


Grade 6 basketball lesson

Grade 5 basketball

Year 8 basketball Passing and moving into space

Year 8 Lesson 1 basketball dribble


Minor Games Grade 3

lesson 2 minor games grade 3

minor games grade 3

Minor games

Texas Tornado Ball Description

Softball / Baseball / TBall

Lesson 19 Tee Ball Grade 6

Resources for Base Running Games

KTPS Catching with a glove

Softball base running lessons

uaba_flyer_practicedrills (1)

softball sepep

Softball Catching batting fielding activities

Alcohol in Society

Alcohol in Society

European Handball


Lesson 1 European Handball

Essendon Keilor Lesson 2 European Handball

Lesson 3 Offensive plays European Handball

European Handball round Robin week 4

Recommended Resources : European Handball

Department of Education (1996). Fundamental motor skills‐A manual for classroom teachers. Melbourne, VIC: Department of Education.

European Handball. (2008). Retrieved April 19, 2013 from

Hastie, P.A., Siedentop,D., van der Mars, H. (2004). From Complete Guide to Sport Education. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. 

Slade, D. (2010). Transforming Play : Teaching Tactics and Game Sense. South Australia : Human Kinetics.

Victorian Essential Learning Standards : physical, personal and social learning strand : Health and physical education. Revised edition Jan 2008.

Bat Tennis

Year 7 Round robin bat tennis tournament

Bat Tennis Lesson plan


Hot shots Tennis Lessons

4 stage Tennis Lesson plan


Ultimate lesson plan



High jump

Athletics track worksheet

Sprint Events lesson plan

Resources and References for Athletics


Track and Field Session 3


Track and field session 4 – long jump and triple jump



t&f triple jump (Triple Jump) (Long Jump Drills)

High Jump:

Australian Track & Field Coaches Association’s Modern Athlete & Coach magazine


Tabloid Sports / Fitness Circuits

Fitness Circuit Year 7 and 8



Program Prescription and Fitness Unit

Fitness and program prescription Year 11

Year 10 Vet Fitness

Fitness week 1

Fitness week 2

Fitness week 3

Fitness week 4

Perpetual Motor Program

PMP Unit Plan

PMP Unit Plan 2

PMP Unit Plan

Biomechanics : Force and Momentum

Classroom Notes

Biomechanics Force and Momentum Classroom Notes

Remote Learning PE lessons Term 2 P-2

Prep Week 2

PE weekly planner grade 1 week 3

Grade 2 Home learning Week 4

Week 5 Grade 2 PE

Week 6 Grade 2 PE

PE weekly planner grade 2 week 7

PE weekly planner grade 1 week 8

Remote Learning PE Lesson Term 3 P-2

PE weekly planner grade 1week 1 FMS and Fitness

PE weekly planner Prep week 1 FMS and Fitness

PE Term 3 Week 2 Home Fitness Grade Grade 1 2020

Week 3 Grade 1 PE

Week 4 Grade 2 PE

PE Week 4 Grade 1 Kick 2020

PE weekly planner grade 1 week 5

Week 6 Prep to 2 Term 3 Nutrition

Prep to 2 Sunsmart week 7 Term 3 2020

PE weekly planner grade 2 week 8

PE weekly planner grade 1 week 9

ACHPER Home Resource Packs

PE at Home Resource Pack_Full Pack (1)

PE at Home Resource Pack_Full Pack 2 

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