PE Resources for Sale


Hello all my fellow Physical Education Warriors

We here at AcePE believe in spreading the word of Health and Fitness but also the continual education of not only the classes we teach but ourselves as teachers

As a practicing Physical Education teacher at any level having a set of resources that can be used in times of wet weather or when you have a larger group of students than usual is important for any teacher.

A set of Tabloid Station cards and activity sheets have been developed to assist you with this and keep students highly active and motivated throughout the class.

What is our goal, to help all Physical education teachers by having educational practical activities that can be used for any age group that assisting in the learning and application of skills in Physical Education.

You can see by the pictures below that as a teacher these type of resources are invaluable due to the information that they have on them. Included are

1. FMS focus where appropriate

2. Diagrams and Descriptions

3. Easy to understand instructions for setting up activities.

4. Activity sheets, including “Around the World” and “Road Rules” activities, that add to the diversity of the experience

5. 33 Tabloid Station Cards, Direction Arrow and detailed description of additional activities supplied

The pack will be forwarded to you electronically or on USB/CD (this method additional costs will be incurred). or will be forwarded to you electronically, via email or onedrive options. Other options can be discussed before payment is processed

Cost usually $40 but for everyone who directly comes through our website

Only $9

To purchase please do the following

1. Send an email expressing interest to

or logging on to

2. Decide on payment method (Paypal used)

3. Provide email address

4. We send the files to you

Please download the sample below

Sample of AcePE Cards

sample ace pe doc 1

sample ace pe doc 2

If you have any questions please send us an email at


Take a look at our other products by logging on to

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