New AcePhysEd Warriors & Best Tweets


Hey warriors

Another awesome week of PE, Sport and connecting with the most awesome community in the world

Welcome to all of you and if you have any resources, youtube channels or twitter profiles you’d like to share, contact me at

Amber Damitz : Amber Damitz@DamitzPEHealth

Henry C : Henry Castelvecchi@PE4YOU

Jess Callaghan : Jess Callaghan@imjesscallaghan

Mike Brindise : Mike Brindise@mjbrindisePE

PE Wizz : PE Whizz@PE_Whizz

Tony Azoulay : tony azoulay@tonyazoulay

Dolly Lambin :

Laura :

Jude McMullan :

Michael Chatman :

Lori Dunn :

Thank you to you all and welcome

Now some awesome tweets we have found for the week

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