Some Great PE Resources


Hello warriors

We have come across some fantastic resources to do with the teaching of the Fundamental motor skills. Its very important to understand that even though there are set KTP’s for each of the skills, we as teachers must look at the development of each child into consideration.

The way we teach like using analogies and themes to gain understanding, but also the practical component of this. Even if we see that the skill isn’t been done completely right, are the children on their way to mastery.

Changing up the way its taught could be the key to opening our students minds to gaining a better understanding and that will show up in their physical performance.

Below are some resources that we have found

¨Natalie Lander : Teachers’ Perceptions of a Fundamental Movement Skill (FMS) Assessment Battery in a School Setting


¨Beth P. Hands : How fundamental are fundamental movement skills? :


¨Moving Towards Physical Literacy with Fundamental Movement Skills – Maria Bonello and Glenn Young :

We have also found a great resource credited  “Dr Helena Baert, SUNY Cortland, 2014”

FMS posters




¨Taken from :

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